Friday, 20 June 2014

The Ark of Noah

The Ark of Noah 
Dare to dream the impossible - and the possible will follow -
About us
The awareness we share is based upon restoring the balance with mother nature and all living beings whilst creating a bridge for us to put our true nature into practice. Our hearts are set on a reality that offers freedom and co-creation in recognition of the natural rhythms and abundance of mother earth - where the inter-connectedness of all beings is genuinely felt and therefor interwoven into a new logic of living.
Together we build a bridge to create a self-sufficient village that brings us
  • The tranquility of its natural surroundings
  • The beauty of reconnecting with nature, animals and others alike
  • The invitation for all to experience themselves and unfold their true calling in life
  • The opportunity to put our dreams into practice and live the life we've come to live
  • A place for parents and young children to come and inspire themselves
  • A space for young adults to gain self awareness and connect to their higher purpose
  • A chance for adults to regain their dreams and inner wisdom and put their wishes into place
  • To give the elderly a place with respect, dignity and healing for all generations to call upon as a living library of life's experiences
  • To allow an energetic field open to natural birth - and complete the full circle of life
  • That serves as a bridge between existing intentional communities and conventional society as a platform for exchange and growth

We imagine expressing ourselves by
  • Rediscovering our creativity and imagination inherent in all life
  • Reconnecting with animals, nature and our universal interconnectedness
  • Healing ourselves in connection with mother nature
  • Offering holistic treatments and support
  • Playing through music, arts, crafts and theatre - and reaching out to the wider community 
  • Creating social awareness, self-sustainability and educational play
  • Practicing creative building, gardening and organic agriculture​

Who we are looking for
We are in search of people who are looking to free themselves from the old paradigm and who are ready to move towards a natural way of living from the heart. We see a genuine possibility in freeing up the energy that is being held back in the fragmented ways of society - and give people the opportunity to join hands in contributing to a new way of life - with their experience, talent, passion and dreams.

We leave you with a link to our blog where you can search through different links about all things mentioned above and get a real feeling for how we can make this possible.
Please feel free to get a better idea by also taking a look at our old homepage at:

Yours faithfully,
Willemijn & Oliver

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