Sunday, 15 June 2014

Holistic Ways of Healing Earth

Holistic Ways of Healing Earth

The holistic path opens us up to a new way of life in greater harmony, balance and health for planet earth.

People are becoming more inclined to approach life with holistic ways of living and healing. The holistic way focuses on treating the cause of the dis-ease and recognises the symptoms as mere key indicators to unveiling the core issue at hand.

Like many aspects of conventional society, we tend to treat the symptoms and ignore the cause or the underlying message behind the illness. 

Much like the state of our planet - a living organism in its own right - NGO's, Organisations, Institutions and the like, tend to focus on the symptoms instead of treating the cause. Although effective in its own way, creating awareness and finding solutions for many of earth's difficulties - the inherent cause of consciousness is not addressed. 

The holistic way understands consciousness to be a living energy at the centre of all existence and all living beings. When we change our reality from within at the core of consciousness, the outer layers of manifestation change with it. 

In essence our planet is suffering with our human ways of life and is in need of restoring balance. 

When we understand that the symptoms of our planet's imbalance are inherent in our own human collective consciousness, we can gather that changing our ways of living, and addressing our own reflections will manifest  in a more holistic consciousness that can restore balance and healing to the earth from within.

In effect when we address our energetic patterns, open our heart, modify our behaviour and focus our conscious energy on healing ourselves and therefore the earth - reality will follow.

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