Friday, 20 June 2014

The Ark of Noah

The Ark of Noah 
Dare to dream the impossible - and the possible will follow -
About us
The awareness we share is based upon restoring the balance with mother nature and all living beings whilst creating a bridge for us to put our true nature into practice. Our hearts are set on a reality that offers freedom and co-creation in recognition of the natural rhythms and abundance of mother earth - where the inter-connectedness of all beings is genuinely felt and therefor interwoven into a new logic of living.
Together we build a bridge to create a self-sufficient village that brings us
  • The tranquility of its natural surroundings
  • The beauty of reconnecting with nature, animals and others alike
  • The invitation for all to experience themselves and unfold their true calling in life
  • The opportunity to put our dreams into practice and live the life we've come to live
  • A place for parents and young children to come and inspire themselves
  • A space for young adults to gain self awareness and connect to their higher purpose
  • A chance for adults to regain their dreams and inner wisdom and put their wishes into place
  • To give the elderly a place with respect, dignity and healing for all generations to call upon as a living library of life's experiences
  • To allow an energetic field open to natural birth - and complete the full circle of life
  • That serves as a bridge between existing intentional communities and conventional society as a platform for exchange and growth

We imagine expressing ourselves by
  • Rediscovering our creativity and imagination inherent in all life
  • Reconnecting with animals, nature and our universal interconnectedness
  • Healing ourselves in connection with mother nature
  • Offering holistic treatments and support
  • Playing through music, arts, crafts and theatre - and reaching out to the wider community 
  • Creating social awareness, self-sustainability and educational play
  • Practicing creative building, gardening and organic agriculture​

Who we are looking for
We are in search of people who are looking to free themselves from the old paradigm and who are ready to move towards a natural way of living from the heart. We see a genuine possibility in freeing up the energy that is being held back in the fragmented ways of society - and give people the opportunity to join hands in contributing to a new way of life - with their experience, talent, passion and dreams.

We leave you with a link to our blog where you can search through different links about all things mentioned above and get a real feeling for how we can make this possible.
Please feel free to get a better idea by also taking a look at our old homepage at:

Yours faithfully,
Willemijn & Oliver

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Holistic Ways of Healing Earth

Holistic Ways of Healing Earth

The holistic path opens us up to a new way of life in greater harmony, balance and health for planet earth.

People are becoming more inclined to approach life with holistic ways of living and healing. The holistic way focuses on treating the cause of the dis-ease and recognises the symptoms as mere key indicators to unveiling the core issue at hand.

Like many aspects of conventional society, we tend to treat the symptoms and ignore the cause or the underlying message behind the illness. 

Much like the state of our planet - a living organism in its own right - NGO's, Organisations, Institutions and the like, tend to focus on the symptoms instead of treating the cause. Although effective in its own way, creating awareness and finding solutions for many of earth's difficulties - the inherent cause of consciousness is not addressed. 

The holistic way understands consciousness to be a living energy at the centre of all existence and all living beings. When we change our reality from within at the core of consciousness, the outer layers of manifestation change with it. 

In essence our planet is suffering with our human ways of life and is in need of restoring balance. 

When we understand that the symptoms of our planet's imbalance are inherent in our own human collective consciousness, we can gather that changing our ways of living, and addressing our own reflections will manifest  in a more holistic consciousness that can restore balance and healing to the earth from within.

In effect when we address our energetic patterns, open our heart, modify our behaviour and focus our conscious energy on healing ourselves and therefore the earth - reality will follow.